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       grandfathers househistory The first Yolman Design Build was completed in 1915 by Lambert Yolman, paternal grandfather in Midland Park, NJ. My father, John was born in 1925 in that house.

        My father’s first design build was completed in 1949 in Glen Rock, NJ. My maternal grandfather, Charles Ackerson drew the plans and was also a well known home builder. I was 4 months old when we moved in. In 1959 we moved to Pompano Beach, Fl.

           My father built speculation, custom and two personal residences before returning to Midland Park in 1964 and lived in my father’s place of birth.

family home

In 1972 we returned to Boca Raton, Florida where my dad and I built houses for another builder. Mom and Dad moved to Sebring Fl, in 1974 and continued building speculation and custom homes until 2010.

        He built models in the Spring Lake area of Sebring.
He was a rare builder that lived in the subdivision where he built.
family historyAt his peak he built 20-25 houses a year.

       My Mom was the design part. She and Dad designed the floor plans together with Mom following through with interior designs and furnishings.

    family history   They usually sold homes completely furnished.

        My brother and I grew up with building in our blood.
During the summers we went to work with dad learning practical applications and how things went together. One of our jobs was straightening out bent nails at the end of the day, no waste.

        My first design build was in kindergarten designing and building little houses and diners with big balsa wood blocks. First draftsman job was in Paramus, NJ in 1969 paying $1.50 an hour. I worked for an architect known for large- scale garden apartment projects.

        The first drawings I proudly brought home and displayed to Dad. He smacked me on the back of my head saying, “ Why are those joist spans 12’-1”?” “Don’t you see you would have to use a 14’ length of lumber and you’d have all that waste unit after unit?”. family history

        My first thought was why didn’t the architect think like that? And it made an impression that would shape my future in architecture and building along with my discovery of R. Buckminster Fullers principles and Geodesic Dome. And Mom and Dad for the good design build genes I inherited and teaching me by example and deeds

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